12″ Vinyl Debut EP ’better than feeling nothing at all’

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An effusion of autobiographical experiences and thoughts, the minimalistic representation of the multidimensional, the struggle between intuition and analysis. Anyone who is willing to dive deep into vulnerable lyrics and their inner self will find themselve in a timeless space in which an authentic, sensual voice philosophizes about moments and eternities.

With her debut EP ‘better than feeling nothing at all’ which was released in 2020 LICIA presents five songs in which she devotes herself all sorts of brave topics in a poetical verbal robe. “With my lyrics I try to put all of my incomprehensible feelings into words in a way that allows me to grab them. First and most importantly this is a kind of self-therapy and has a lot to do with reflection. For me, there is nothing more impressive than transforming a feeling into a piece of art that is able to give many more people sense of fulfilment it gave to me. There is a powerful energy in every single track that I want to share with anyone out there.” Depression, jealousy, drug abuse, new beginnings, In this little Album, LICIA faces her past to relieve her injuries together with the audience that is brave enough to listen. Because for the purpose of healing, “feeling the old pain again and again is better than feeling nothing at all.” With her music, LICIA is setting a sign for more authenticity and sensibility and creates a room for everything that is already there or wants to grow.

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