LICIA lets us jump up on her train of thoughts, leads us trough dark and shattered corners, to – paradoxically – experience healing. because in a society where competition and the rational mind are top priorities, learning to feel can be painful but sometimes also very wholesome.
LICIA’s music prooves that it doesn’t need much if something is authentic. here, the sensible and the silent have found their right to rest. her english lyrics are swaying in a mix of organic, handmade sounds and experimental beats.

healing through the power of music – that’s the vision of the german based singer/songwriter and producer LICIA. after school she studied music therapy while simultaneously focusing on her own music career. LICIA’s interest in mother nature and spirituality leaves traces in every single self-written song like a common thread.

in her debut ep ‘better than feeling nothing at all’ which was released in 2020 LICIA presented all sorts of brave topics in a poetic verbal robe. „with my lyrics i try to put all of my incomprehensible feelings into words in a way that allows me to grab them. first and most importantly this is a kind of self-therapy and has a lot to do with reflection. for me, there is nothing more impressive than transforming a feeling into a piece of art that is able to give many more people sense of fulfilment it gave to me.
there is a powerful energy in every single track that i want to share with anyone out there.” with her music, LICIA is setting a sign for more authenticity and sensibility and creates a room for everything that is already there or wants to grow.

since 2021 LICIA intuitively produces her songs all by herself and released many new singles which – in comparison to her earlier publications – are arranged somewhat more experimental. a harmonious and unique mix of ambient sounds, synthezizers and electronical beats. currently LICIA is playing her live shows just by herself – reduced to her warm, profound voice and the piano. pure and in any case poignant to the core.